Blended Family Life

Hey, I’m Jess.

I’m 27 years old.

I am a stepmama of two, absolutely wonderful, little babes.

Noah – our little boy age 8, and Farrah – our little girl age 5.

Dan – my amazing better half that helps me tackle all that is this beautiful life of ours & currently my FIANCE’!!

I have an affinity for clothes.

I am a bit of a gym rat.

Yoga is my stress release.

Binge watching Netflix & Hulu is my hobby.

Wine is my fav.

My goal is to be happy and have fun in this crazy world with people I love.

My goal with this blog is to help other stepmamas struggling to balance the stressors, and to de-stigmatize the blended family dynamic. (I mean, GEEZ! Its 2019 and most families are blended.) I am over 4 years into the stepmama game at this point, and I have learned A LOT. I have learned about what it means to be a (step)mom, the art of balancing relationships, and I have learned more about myself and my strength than I would have imagined. Most of what I have learned about being a stepmama has come through trial and error, a few tears, and a lot of wine. I am hoping to offer some help in navigating through the stepmama stressors; so that maybe your blended family experiences may run a little more smoothly. (& have a few less tears!) Just know that you are loved stepmama, and you are so important.

A little bit about my backstory:

Dan and I met when we started working together at this little bar in my hometown. He was so dreamy! He was handsome, mysterious, sweet, and funny. He was everything I never knew I needed.

He swept me off my feet, and I had fallen for him before I knew any better.

Before long I got to meet the other two little loves of my life, Noah and Farrah! Sweet little Farrah was only a little over a year and a half, and Noah was 4 and a half. I had not been around children much before, but these two captured my heart!

After about half a year of a custody schedule where we had the kids every afternoon until 5:30 and every other weekend; their mom took the kids and moved 20 + hours away. Now we get Spring Break, Summer Break, and part of Christmas Break. It was, and still is, a tough transition.

I have learned a lot about myself while learning how to balance my new life as a stepmom. I learned that I have so much love in my heart to give. I am basically a professional juggler by now with how well I have learned to balance everything in my new stepmom life. Most importantly I have learned how strong I am and how much my heart can take.

XO – Jess.

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