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The Importance of Daddy+Kid Time

We all know how important it is for kids to have a strong connection with their parents.

It builds strong character, it lessens disciplinary issues, and it builds trust.

I think it is even more important to nurture that parent/kid relationship in a long distance blended family.

They don’t get the daily exposure to each other, and sometimes that relationship takes a strain due to the distance. But that relationship can be stronger than ever with some effort.

I always make sure that Dan has some solid one-on-one time with Noah and Farrah both. That way they both feel loved, they are both reminded of how important that daddy+kid relationship is, and they all come out better for it. Sometimes during the first little bit when the kids are with us there is a slight disconnect, but some solid one-on-one time is great to reset everyone. It also reminds everyone of how solid our relationships and feelings for each other are.

So, I don’t know if you have caught onto this yet or not, but I LOVE planning activities for my family.

I love finding fun things for us to do and cool places for us to go.

I am pretty good at it too, but I do get a little headstrong when it comes to these activities.

Sometimes in all my planning frenzy I forget that Dan needs some alone time with the kiddos.

Daddy+Kid dates are a great way to get that one-on-one time with the kids, and a great way for stepmamas to get a much needed break! (plus side!)

I just want to reiterate how important this one-on-one time for the babies and their dad is. It is important to nurture this natural bond, especially when the time and distance between visits can seem like forever. It’s important for the kids to remember just how much dad values his time with them. It is easy for the kids in a long distance blended family to feel forgotten or left out, but this one-on-one time helps put those negative feelings away. It is good for dad’s to use this as an important opportunity to get to know their little ones. It so important for Dad to reconnect without us stepmamas taking over. (I am guilty of this. I always mean well, but I end up getting more of the hugs and kisses that Dan would get if I took a step back.)

Here are a few ideas for Daddy+Kid dates that I just love.

I tried to find some fun ideas that the kids would like and Dad would have fun with too!

Take me out to the ball game! – Let Dad take the kiddos to watch his favorite team! Hopefully they can bond over a shared love for the sport, or at least some good ballpark food!

Movies & Ice Cream! – Let them pick a movie they’ve been dying to see and talk about your favorite parts over ice cream after.

Demolition Derby/Monster Truck Show! – This one is my favorite! Dan took the kids to a local Demolition Derby, and they LOVED it! It was fun for all of them, and the kids kept talking about it for weeks!

So stepmama, here is your goal: no matter what you plan, just make sure that you set aside some special time just for Dad and his babies. This will help make sure their bond stays strong despite the miles and time apart.

I have made y’all a quick little list of some of our favorite Dad + Kid play-date ideas. Subscribe here for the free download!

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