About Me

Hey, I’m Jess!

I’m 26 years old. I am a stepmama of two, absolutely wonderful, little babes. Noah – our little boy age 8, and Farrah – our little girl age 5. Dan – my amazing better half that helps me tackle all that is this beautiful life of ours. I have an affinity for clothes. I am a bit of a gym rat. Yoga is my stress release. Binge watching Netflix & Hulu is my hobby. Wine is my fav. My goal is to be happy and have fun in this crazy world with people I love.

My goal with this blog is to help other stepmamas struggling to balance the stressors, and to de-stigmatize the blended family dynamic. (I mean, GEEZ! Its 2019 and most families are blended.) I am over 4 years into the stepmama game at this point, and I have learned A LOT. I have learned about what it means to be a (step)mom, the art of balancing relationships, and I have learned more about myself and my strength than I would have imagined. Most of what I have learned about being a stepmama has come through trial and error, a few tears, and a lot of wine. I am hoping to offer some help in navigating through the stepmama stressors; so that maybe your blended family experiences may run a little more smoothly. (& have a few less tears!) Just know that you are loved stepmama, and you are so important.

A little bit about my backstory:

Dan and I met when we started working together at this little bar in my hometown. He was so dreamy! He was handsome, mysterious, sweet, and funny. He was everything I never knew I needed. He swept me off my feet, and I had fallen for him before I knew any better. Before long I got to meet the other two little loves of my life, Noah and Farrah! Sweet little Farrah was only a little over a year and a half, and Noah was 4 and a half. I had not been around children much before, but these two captured my heart! After about half a year of a custody schedule where we had the kids every afternoon until 5:30 and every other weekend; their mom took the kids and moved 20 + hours away. Now we get Spring Break, Summer Break, and part of Christmas Break. It was, and still is, a tough transition.

I have learned a lot about myself while learning how to balance my new life as a stepmom. I learned that I have so much love in my heart to give. I am basically a professional juggler by now with how well I have learned to balance everything in my new stepmom life. Most importantly I have learned how strong I am and how much my heart can take. I hope to share what I’ve learned with other stepmamas struggling to adjust to their blended family lives. There can be a lot to overcome when transitioning to a blended family, specifically a long distance blended family, and I hope to share what I’ve learned to help you.

I hope you will come alongside me on my stepmom journey. Join me in navigating through all the long distance blended family stressors. If you would like, sign up for my email list to get a reminder of my weekly blog posts and extra insights not on the blog. If you want even more, my Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook pages are all linked at the top of the website! I would be happy to have you, and to follow you back! (Plus – you get to see even more pics of my adorable little family!)

xo – Jess.