Work With Me

Do you want to reach a typically outcast market? Virtually untouched because it is usually overlooked? I am a direct link to reaching some women that are used to being invisible. Stepmoms and members of blended families are not your average market. These women are tired of being left out and unseen. These women are so important, and they make up a huge percentage of American households. Approximately 60 % of families in the United States are non-traditional, blended families, this is a huge untapped market full of stepmothers who feel unappreciated and overlooked. I can help you be a direct line of contact with these wonderful ladies. Whether it be anything from household concerns, family matters, relationship centered, about raising children, or something more targeted at women specifically I can help you reach these women.

I have a growing online presence here on my blog, Pinterest, Instagram, and Facebook. I would love to help you find potential clients with my online influence.

Bronze Level – I will either post something on two platforms once.

Silver Level – I will post something on either one platform once a week for a month or all three platforms twice in a month.

Gold Level – I will post something on all three platforms once a week for a month.

I am still growing my online presence, but I would love to help you grow with me. I encourage you to email me with any questions or offers. I appreciate your time in reading over my page, and I hope to be able to work with you in the future.

xo – Jess.